Outreach and Education

Animal Health Workshops

The Kansas Department of Agriculture's Division of Animal Health is hosting multiple informational discussions around the state: May 30 in Manhattan, June 11 in El Dorado, June 12 in Fort Scott, June 18 in Hutchinson, June 26 in Scott City, June 27 in Dodge City, July 10 in Colby, and July 11 in Hays.

Each location will have two sessions. Please register for the location and session you'd like to attend. This is a free event and dinner will be served.

Session 1 - Emergency Management/ County Officials
1:00 - 4:00pm
Discussion Topics 
  • Role of the county in a disease response
  • Livestock truck rollovers
  • Disposal
  • Sheltering
Registration: CLICK HERE FOR AFTERNOON SESSION or call 785-564-6608.

Networking Dinner served at 5:00pm

Session 2 - Producers/ Veterinarians

6:00 - 8:00pm
Discussion Topics
  • Animal health updates
  • Secure Food Supply 
  • Animal Disease Traceability updates
  • Disease response plans
Registration: CLICK HERE FOR EVENING SESSION or call 785-564-6608.

Composting for Livestock Disposal

Opening slideKDA has trained new subject matter experts in composting as a method to manage large-scale livestock disposal. This video explains the process and benefits gained from composting, and includes photos and footage from a real carcass composting site.

Video: Composting to Manage Large-Scale Mortalities

Secure Food Supply Webinars

KDA's Division of Animal Health is hosting a webinar series focused on Secure Food Supply plans. 

Past webinars:

Webinar Series #1: Introduction to Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus
Dr. Sara Ford, Emergency Coordinator at USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
January 31, 2023

Webinar Series #2: Importance of Secure Food Supply Plans and Contingency Planning
Dr. Danelle Bickett-Weddle, Preventalytics
March 22, 2023

Webinar Series #3: Transmission Risk of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Between and Within Herds
Dr. Mike Sanderson, K-State College of Veterinary Medicine
May 24, 2023

Webinar Series #4: Economic Impacts of Foot-and-Mouth Disease
Dr. Dustin Pendell, Kansas State University
July 25, 2023

Webinar Series #5: Stop Movement Order
Dr. Justin Smith, Kansas Animal Health Commissioner
September 26, 2023

Webinar Series #6: Tools for Producers to Support Industry Needs
Miquela Hanselman, National Milk Producers Federation & Dr. Patrick Webb, National Pork Board
November 28, 2023

Animal Facilities Inspection

Small Animal Facilities Webinar Series

April 24, 2024 Webinar
Overcoming Adoption Barriers
Tim Yeaglin, Best Friends - Save Them All
Open Adoptions

March 28, 2024 Webinar
Sustainable Dog & Cat Behavior Programs
Tim Yeaglin, Best Friends - Save Them All

February 14, 2024 Webinar

Fostering by the Numbers
Tim Yeaglin, Best Friends - Save Them All
Foster by the data

January 10, 2024 Webinar
Demystifying Managed Intake
Tim Yeaglin, Best Friends - Save Them All
BFAS Managed Intake

Past Educational Webinars

Feral Swine Management Practices
The Kansas Department of Agriculture hosted an informational webinar on December 1, 2020, to offer an update on the management practices used in Kansas to control feral swine.

Watch the webinar here: Feral Swine Information Webinar
Slide Deck presentations available here:
Curran Salter, USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service-Wildlife Services
Frank Rottinghaus, National Wildlife Disease Program

Rabies Awareness for Animal Shelters
Ingrid Garrison, DVM, MPH, Dipl. ACVPM
December 5, 2019