Emergency Support Function 11

In the Kansas Response Plan, the Kansas Department of Agriculture is the primary coordinating agency for Emergency Support Function 11 – Agriculture and Natural Resources.  In this role, the Department is responsible for coordinating the activities of a variety of state agencies in order to ensure a coordinated response to disasters that require the activation of the State Emergency Operations Center.  Examples of an ESF 11 response include sending food safety inspectors to shelters that have been established to ensure that food served is safe for consumption, the expedited provision of regulatory inspections after a disaster so businesses are able to open as soon as they are ready.  Most of our ESF 11 partners are housed within the Department, but we also work closely with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks and several other state agencies.

The Department has also published the Food and Agriculture Incident Annex which is part of the Kansas Response Plan.  This annex describes roles and responsibilities of various KDA divisions and programs in leading a response to a food contamination, plant health, or animal disease incident. The annex is revised by KDA on an annual basis and includes participation of all agencies and stakeholders with responsibilities outlined in the annex.

The Kansas Department of Agriculture Division of Emergency Management serves the state EOC. We serve as the ESF 11 for the state, if there is an incident that they need us for we go to Topeka to act as subject matter experts for agriculture in the areas of, animal health, water, plants, and food safety.


For any food safety and lodging emergencies please call (785)564-6767 during business house, and please call 1(800)915-6163 after business hours.

A guide for food safety and lodging incident procedures that will make joint response to incidents as safe as possible.

ESF 11 County Planning

The KDA will assist counties with writing their ESF 11 plans. Here is a template for county ESF 11 plans.