Kansas requires every commercial weighing or measuring device, excluding gas pumps, to be tested by a licensed service company each year. The Weights and Measures program licenses service companies and their technicians. These companies are authorized to repair, install and certify commercial weighing and measuring devices. Kansas is believed to be the only state that allows its service technicians to actually certify commercial weighing and measuring devices.

The Weights and Measures program provides oversight to these service companies and service technicians. Computer-generated lists of scales recently tested by service companies are provided to inspectors of large and small scales. The inspectors retest the devices and compare results to ensure that the device was properly tested. Commercial scales found not tested properly by the service company are required to be retested by the service company. 

Compared to some other states, the number of devices tested by the Weights and Measures program is lower, but our compliance rate for accuracy of these devices tends to be higher. The goal of any weights and measures program should not be the number of devices tested, but ensuring accurate devices, so focusing on the outcome rather than the output has served us well. 

Clichere for a list of Public Scale Service Companies.

To report a violation, please contact the Weights and Measures program at (785) 564-6681 or fill out an online complaint form.