Request for Export Inspections - Foreign or Domestic

Plant Protection and Weed Control Section

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  1. APPLICANT NAME & ADDRESS. Include the company name, address, telephone number, FAX number, and contact person.
  2. LOCATION OF COMMODITY. Indicate the location of the commodity to be inspected. Also include the name of a contact person at the inspection site if different than that provided with the address information above.
  3. DESTINATION. If the destination of the commodity is known, please indicate this on the form.
  4. COMMON NAME OF COMMODITY. Indicate the common name of the commodity to be inspected.
  5. QUANTITY OF COMMODITY. Indicate the approximate quantity of the commodity to be inspected. Any unit of measure (bushels, pounds, plants, etc.) can be used.
  6. DATE THE INSPECTION NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED BY. Indicate the date the inspection is needed.

Upon receipt of each request, the appropriate staff person will be contacted to arrange for the inspection.

Please feel free to contact this office if questions arise.

Format example: (913) 555-1212
Format example: (913) 555-1212

Request Form