Notice of Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for On-Call Engineering Services

The Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Water Resources (KDA-DWR) is seeking proposals for on-call engineering services such as hydrologic and hydraulic analysis modeling, floodplain mapping, map production, and technical assistance associated with the Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning (MAP) program.  KDA has been a Cooperating Technical Partner (CTP) with FEMA since 1999 and seeks engineering firms as contractors to provide work under the Risk MAP program.  Additional information and the full RFQ can be obtained below or by phone at 785-296-2513, or electronically at  The qualifications are due June 30, 2022. 

CTP Request for Qualifications Document

Floodplain Management

The floodplain is regulated in order:

  • To protect people and property.
    Floodplain management is about reducing vulnerability to flood risk to our built environment. If we know low lying land will flood from time to time, we should make reasonable decisions to help protect our families, homes, and businesses.
  • To make sure that federal flood insurance is available.
    If your home or business is in the floodplain and federal flood insurance isn't available you may not be eligible for some federal business loans and grants or for some types of federal financial assistance. Mortgages may be hard to find.
  • To save tax dollars.
    Every time you hear about a flood disaster, think about what it means to the town's budget. If we build smart, we'll have fewer problems the next time the river rises. Remember, federal disaster assistance doesn't kick in for all floods. And even when the President declares a disaster, your community still has to pay to cover the costs of evacuation, repair, and clean-up.
  • To avoid liability and law suits.
    If we know an area is mapped as a floodplain and likely to flood and we know people could be in danger and buildings damaged, doesn't it make sense to take reasonable protective steps as we develop and build?
  • To reduce future flood losses in Kansas.
    Floodplain development regulations are simply a "good neighbor" policy designed to protect our citizens from future flood losses. Regulating floodplain development helps keep flooding conditions from getting worse as development continues.

For more information, view the Kansas Floodplain Quick Guide, a floodplain management informational tool to community officials. Also view, Kansas Association for Floodplain Management and  Certified Floodplain Manager program information.