This part of our program is governed by the Kansas Fertilizer Law.  

We are responsible for ensuring that fertilizer products are properly labeled and safely stored. Safe storage preserves the integrity of the fertilizer product and helps prevent contamination of groundwater and surface water, and exposure to humans and animals. An accurate label guarantees that consumers, both urban and rural, have the information they need to choose the correct product and application amounts. We also regulate the storage and transport of anhydrous ammonia and we license individuals who blend fertilizer products.

Fertilizer product registration periods are July 1 to June 30 of the following calendar year. Submit the Commercial Fertilizer Product Registration Application together with an accompanying label and registration fee to register a new product.  

See Searchable Databases for the list of currently registered fertilizer products. The products are listed by registrant.

Fertilizer Tonnage Reporting

Kansas Fertilizer Law (K.S.A. 2-1205) requires each person registering any commercial fertilizer product to report the amount of such fertilizer that was sold, offered or exposed for sale, or distributed in Kansas. A report must still be submitted, even if the tonnage is zero. Along with this report and affidavit, the registrant must also pay the Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) an inspection fee of $1.67 per ton of fertilizer reported. Tonnage must be paid for both packaged and bulk fertilizer materials. Tonnage reporting periods are from January 1 to June 30 (due by July 31), and from July 1 to December 31 (report due by January 31). 

Complete both the Inspection Fee Affidavit and the Confidential Fertilizer Tonnage Report . Please remember to sign the Affidavit. Both documents and the tonnage fees are due by January 31 and July 31. If completing the tonnage report online, but sending payment via mail, a signed Affidavit is required with payment.

Confidential Fertilizer Tonnage Report

This form must be completed and submitted with your signed Inspection Fee Affidavit. You must report the total tons sold and/or distributed in Kansas for each product you have registered. If there are no sales or distribution of a particular product, report zero tons for that product. If you are responsible for reporting unregistered fertilizer product tonnage, these products should also be listed on this form. If you have purchased or sold fertilizer for which you believe another business is responsible for paying associated tonnage fees, please provide the requested information on the form titled Report of Tonnage Fees That Should be Paid by Others.

  • Enter both the product name and grade as represented by the product label.
  • Enter the county code, located on page two of the report form.
  • Enter the fertilizer code. If code cannot be determined, enter zero.
  • Tonnage must be reported in tons. Do not list gallons or pounds.
  • Do not report negative tonnage. If no sales or distribution of a product occurred during the reporting period show zero tons for that product.

Fertilizer Ingredients for Custom Blends
K.S.A. 2-1201(8) defines a “custom blended fertilizer” as a “fertilizer blended according to specifications furnished by the customers prior to blending.” A custom blend must be made at a licensed custom blend facility for an end-use customer, and must be made from registered commercial fertilizer products. Custom blends are not registered as a fertilizer product, but tonnage fees must be paid for each fertilizer product used to make a custom blend.

Do Not Pay Fertilizer Tonnage
Custom blends (the final blend requested by and provided to the end user is made only from registered fertilizers on which the fertilizer tonnage has been paid) Ingredients used to manufacturer or mix a fertilizer product.  Tonnage must be reported for the new product. New product must also be registered. Bulk product sold to a customer who has the particular fertilizer registered and will subsequently report and pay the associated tonnage fee.

Lime and other non-fertilizer products. (See K.S.A. 2-1201 Definitions.)

Uniform Fertilizer Tonnage Reporting System (UFTRS)
The UFTRS standardizes the reporting of fertilizer tonnage data reported to state fertilizer officials throughout the U.S. All types of fertilizers have been coded to ease data entry and data summarization. UFTRS Material Codes may be found with the following link www.aapfco.org

Uniform Fertilizer Tonnage Reporting System County Codes and Names

fertilizer blender application is needed for anyone who blends only registered commercial fertilizers at the request and according to specifications furnished by the customer or purchaser. The registration Fee is $125 and expires December 31.