Pesticide and Fertilizer Program

If you suspect that a pesticide has been misused (including herbicide drift), 
please visit our online Pesticide Complaint Form.

For all other Pesticide and Fertilizer Program questions or concerns,
please call 785-564-6688

Our goal is compliance with Kansas statutes and regulations governing products that are used to control pests or to enhance plant growth. We strive to achieve our goal through compliance assistance and outreach education; complaint investigation; and monitoring inspections. Our program covers the following laws:

  • Kansas Agricultural Chemical Act
  • Kansas Chemigation Safety Law
  • Kansas Fertilizer Law
  • Kansas Pesticide Law
  • Kansas Soil Amendment Act 

Pesticide and Fertilizer Program Fees

Commercial Applicator Certification
Exam $45 each
Reciprocal $75 per category
Renewal $50 per category
Pesticide Business License
Application and Renewal $140 per category
Uncertified Applicator $15
Registered Technician $40
Private Applicator Certification
Application and Renewal $25
Government Agency Registration
Application and Renewal $50
User Permit - First Well $75 first well permitted
Additional Point(s) of Diversion $15 each
Equipment Operator - Application and Renewal $25
Dealer Registration
Annual Sales Under $2,500 $25
Annual Sales Over $2,500 $100
Fertilizer Blender
Application and Renewal $125
Product Registration
Pesticide Antimicrobials $150
Pesticide Non-Antimicrobials $180
Soil Amendment $100
Fertilizer $45
Fertilizer Tonnage
Semi-Annual $1.67 per ton

To legally apply any pesticide, including lawn fertilizers containing herbicides, for compensation, you must have a Kansas pesticide business license and at least one employee with a Kansas commercial pesticide applicator certification in the appropriate category.

To legally sell any pesticide product, you must have a Kansas pesticide dealer registration and the pesticide product(s) must be registered in Kansas by the manufacturer. In general, all pesticide products must be sold in the unopened, original container with intact labeling. 
There are exceptions, so give us a call at 785-564-6688 if you have any questions.

To legally sell a fertilizer product or soil amendment, the product must be registered in Kansas. In addition, tonnage fees are assessed on fertilizers based on the amount of product sold to Kansas locations.

To legally apply anything other than water through an irrigation system, you are required to have a chemigation permit for the well(s) and at least one individual with a Kansas chemigation equipment operator authorization.

Any entity (business or individual) storing bulk pesticide(s) or bulk fertilizer(s) in Kansas must comply with our secondary containment laws.

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