Conservation Education Resources

(This page was updated 3/4/2022)

Photo from the Topeka Water FestivalWe all depend on natural resources to survive. It is essential that people understand the importance of conserving and protecting natural resources for the quality and sustainability of life. Educating people of all ages about natural resources and the environment is imperative to effectively address environmental challenges. True conservation/environmental education incorporates knowledge along with critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills. Effective environmental education is a life-long learning process that leads to informed decisions and responsible actions. Check out the Conservation Education Links provided below.

The Division of Conservation cooperates with various agencies and state organizations to promote conservation/environmental education. The DOC also provides grants to Conservation Districts for information and education projects such as water celebrations. The photo above shows a station at the Topeka Water Festival illustrating how pollutants enter into the groundwater.

Soil Health Resources

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Educational Resources

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