Request for Weed Free Forage Inspection

Plant Protection and Weed Control Program

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  1. APPLICANT NAME AND ADDRESS. Include the company name, address, telephone number, FAX number, and contact person.
  2. LOCATION OF COMMODITY. Indicate the location of the commodity to be inspected. Legal descriptions, directions to the fields, and maps are helpful. Further determination of the location of the growing field can be provided to the inspector when arranging for the inspection.
  3. DESTINATION. If the destination of the commodity is known, please indicate this on the form.
  4. COMMON NAME OF COMMODITY. Also indicate if this inspection is for Weed Free Forage.
  5. APPROXIMATE ACREAGE TO BE INSPECTED. Indicate the approximate acreage that is to be inspected.
  6. FEE CHARGES. Inspections that take less than 1 hour to complete will be charged the minimal charge of 1 hour. Inspections exceeding a full hour, will be charged for all full hours along with the closest quarter hour. If multiple inspectors are required for the inspection, a $30 per hour fee will be charged for each hour that is worked per inspector. The combined mileage of all inspectors will be charged to the client, at the inspector's individual mileage rates.
  7. DATE THE INSPECTION NEEDS TO COMPLETED BY. Indicate the approximate date that the inspection needs to be completed by.
  8. APPLICATION REQUESTED 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO HARVEST. Requesting the inspection 2 weeks prior to harvest helps us schedule staff for your growing season inspection. Inspection requests will be received for periods that are less than 2 weeks prior to harvest, but the inspection service will only be provided if staff is available.

Upon receipt of each request, the appropriate staff person will be contacted to arrange for the inspection.

It is essential that this request be returned to our office at least 2 weeks prior to harvest so that the inspections can be scheduled in advance of harvest operations.

Please feel free to contact this office if questions arise.

Request Form

Format example: (913) 555-1212
Format example: (913) 555-1212
I agree to allow the Kansas Department of Agriculture to release my name and contact information following an inspection that indicates my product meets weed-free forage standards.