Due to the state’s response to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Kansas Department of Agriculture will be working on an extremely limited staff beginning March 23.

If you need assistance during this interim period, please direct your questions to the Industrial Hemp Program via email, or leave a message at 785-307-3590. We will respond as soon as possible.

For more information about the State of Kansas response to COVID-19, please consult the KDHE Resource Center.

Industrial Hemp Research Program

UPDATE: Commercial Industrial Hemp Regulations

March 3, 2020 — The U.S. Department of Agriculture provided insight into the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program through a draft of the interim final rule (IFR) for the 2018 Farm Bill. The Kansas Department of Agriculture proposed Kansas Administrative Rules and Regulations to regulate a Commercial Industrial Hemp Program. and submitted a plan to USDA-AMS for inclusion into the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program in January 2020. Publication of the IFR occurred on Oct. 31, 2019. The USDA has already approved some states’ plans for 2020, Kansas will continue to operate under the Industrial Hemp Research Program until a new program is established.

For information about the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program please visit: 
USDA Rules & Regulations

For information about the upcoming Kansas Commercial Hemp Program please visit: 
Kansas Commercial Hemp Program

2020 Applications and Forms

The 2020 Industrial Hemp Research Program submission deadline was November 30, 2019. KDA will contact the primary applicants and licensees as indicated in received applications for confirmation of application receipt. Please be patient as KDA reviews applications for their completeness as additional correspondence will be shared concerning each application’s review process.

If you submitted an application and have NOT received a confirmation email (sent on Friday, Dec. 6) please contact the KDA Industrial Hemp Research Program staff at

Proper forms for licensees to stay current with planting and harvest reports are available below. If a licensee has any questions about forms, please contact the KDA Industrial Hemp Research Program staff at

Program Regulations
Approved Varieties of Industrial Hemp
Summary of Fees

Request Forms
Request for Modification of License: Addition or Removal of Research Section or Area
Request for Modification of License: Addition or Removal of Individual
Request for Modification of License: Change of Industrial Hemp Variety
Request to Use an Unapproved Variety
Request for Permission (General)

Industrial Hemp Important Deadlines (updated list coming soon)

Report Forms (last updated 2-14-2020)
Report Forms  Ways to Submit
Hard Copy 

KDA Portal
Summary of Reports  N/A N/A
Planting Report End-Use Production  Yes No 
Planting Report Clone and Seedling Production  Yes  No 
Replanting Report End-Use Production  Yes  No 
Voluntary Partial Destruction Report  Yes No 
Voluntary Withdrawal Report  Yes No 
Pre-Harvest Report  Yes Yes 
Harvest Report  Yes Yes 
Production Report (Grower)  Yes Yes 
Distribution Report (Distributor)  Yes Yes 
Processing Report (Processor)  Yes  Yes 
Research Report    Yes Yes