Kansas Dam Safety Program

The goal of the Dam Safety Program in the Division of Water Resources is to reduce risks to life and property from dam failure. This goal is addressed through review and approval of plans for constructing new dams and for modifying existing dams, ensuring quality control during construction, and monitoring dams that, if they failed, could cause loss of life, or interrupt public utilities or services.

To meet its obligation to protect people and property, DWR regulates the construction, operation, and maintenance of all dams or other water obstructions, with the exception of federal reservoirs. 

If you notice anything unusual that may have an impact on the safety of a dam, please contact DWR. 

2023 Kansas Department of Agriculture Dam Safety Conference

The Dam Safety Team would like to thank everyone who helped to make the 2023 Dam Safety Conference possible.  This event provides an opportunity for stakeholders in the dam safety community to meet and discuss a range of topics relevant to engineers, regulators, and owners of dams in the State of Kansas.  The following presentations from the 2023 Conference have been posted with permission from the author. 


01 - Large Scale Testing to Better Understand Filter and Embankment Performance when Cracked
02 - Bayer Dam - Bringing a Non-Permitted Dam into Compliance
03 - Flowable Fill Bedding and Backfill for Primary Spillway Replacements in Dams
04 - Dam Design with HEC-RAS 2D
05 - Learning from Dam Failures to Prepare for Future Emergencies
06 - Registration Form For Exempt Class A Dams Submittal Issues
07 - Addressing Aplication and Plan Submittal Issues
08 - Use of Regional Detention Dams in Urbanized Stormwater Master Planning