Dam safety inspections

The Obstructions in Streams Act (K.S.A 82a-303b) requires owners of high hazard (class C) and significant hazard dams (class B) dams to have a qualified engineer condut periodic dam inspections. for high hazard dams, the inspection must be done every three years. For significant hazard dams, an inspection must be done every five years. 
 Dam Safety Inspection Report Requirements and Guidelines

The chief engineer of the Division of Water Resources requires dam owners to hire a Professional Engineer (PE) to perform inspections of significant hazard and high hazard dams. To select an engineer, identify potential candidates by asking those who have designed new or modified dams. Also look in directories for firms listed under agricultural or civil engineering. Another starting point is the Kansas Department of Agriculture that provides a voluntary list of engineers who offer services related to DWR's regulatory duties. This list does not constitute an endorsement or guarantee of the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of the information provided, nor does it imply an endorsement or recommendation for the services these engineers provide.