Dicamba Label RUP Block Changes

Please read and adhere to the restricted use pesticide (RUP) block at the top of the product label.  Some of the RUP labels limit the use of that product to a certified applicator and/or prohibit use by a supervised uncertified applicator.  Paraquat and the RUP dicamba products are included.  Unless otherwise stated in the RUP block, there is no use of these products (e.g., handling, mixing, loading, application) that may be performed by an individual without a current pesticide applicator certification in the appropriate category/subcategory.  This restriction applies to both commercial and private applications.

NOTE: For the purposes of applying RUPs, an applicator is only considered certified when using a pesticide within their certification category/subcategory.  When using a pesticide outside of their certification, they are uncertified.  Therefore, if an RUP block limits any of the uses to a certified applicator and/or prohibits supervision of an uncertified applicator, those uses may only be performed by an applicator with the proper certification.

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