Flood Control and Lakes Programs

Updated 4-8-19

The Division of Conservation (DOC) flood control and lakes programs address many natural resource and safety related issues such as flood control, public water supply and recreation. There are three DOC programs that address these issues:  the Multipurpose Small Lakes Program, the Water Supply Restoration Program and the Watershed Dam Construction Program.

Multipurpose Small Lakes Program

The Multipurpose Small Lakes Program, (K.S.A. 82a-1601, et seq.), was authorized by the 1985 Legislature as a result of recommendations in the State Water Plan. This program provides financial assistance for flood protection, public water supply storage, and water related recreational facilities while requiring a Local Non-Point Source Pollution Management Plan to be developed for the project area. The program provides assistance for new construction or the renovation of an existing lake. Eligible sponsors as defined in statute include any entity with taxing authority and right of eminent domain.

HorseThief Dam and Reservoir

Statutes and Regulations

Water Supply Restoration Program

The Water Supply Restoration Program is a voluntary, incentive-based water management program.  The program is designed to assist eligible sponsors to restore and protect water supply lakes where appropriate watershed restoration and protection are planned or in place. Eligible components for the financial assistance are removal of sediment, rehabilitation of structures, watershed protection, and engineering fees.

Dredging Mission Lake

Kansas Administrative Regulations

Watershed Dam Construction Program

The Watershed Dam Construction Program provides state financial assistance to organized Watershed, Drainage or other Special Districts for the implementation of flood control structural and non-structural practices. These practices provide protection of agricultural land, urban areas, roads, bridges and utilities, in addition to providing water for livestock and in some instances for rural fire departments, enhancing wildlife and trapping sediment and pollutants. Construction and rehabilitation of flood control and/or grade stabilization dams are the main practices and components of this program.

Watershed DamK.S.A. 2-1915, as amended by the 1976 Legislature, authorizes the appropriation of funds for dams. Since 1977, the Legislature has annually appropriated funds for cost-share assistance for the construction of flood control detention and grade stabilization dams. The Watershed District Act, K.S.A. 24-1201 et seq. and the Watershed Dam Construction Program rules and regulations K.A.R. 11-3-1 to 11-3-12 provide guidance for the administration of the state cost-share funding.

Watershed Dam Construction Program Revisions

The Division of Conservation revised the Watershed Dam Construction Program in 2006 to address the administration of the state cost-share financial assistance pertaining to rehabilitation and inundation mapping. The following is a summary of the revised program:

  • Watershed Dam Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation of a watershed dam means any work, except work required due to inadequate operation and maintenance, to extend the service life of a dam and to meet the applicable safety and performance standards. The state may provide up to 70% cost share and an additional 10% engineering fees for dam rehabilitation. Eligible rehabilitation activities may include sediment removal, structure upgrade and replacement of deteriorated components.
  • Inundation Mapping: The DOC provides cost-share for breach inundation area mapping at a rate of 70%. These maps are approved by the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Water Resources and can be used by watershed, city, county and state officials to plan or prevent development in risk areas.

Forms and Applications

To apply for state cost-share, Watershed Districts, Drainage Districts or other Special Purpose Districts need to use the forms below.
New Dam Construction Application

Dam Rehabilitation Application
Dam Breach Inundation Map Application
Dam Inspection Report Form (fillable) --- at the top right of the form, click "Open With a Different Viewer" and choose "Adobe Acrobat" to enable the fillable feature
2016 WD Map

Kansas Administrative Regulations

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