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Supervisor Training

Supervisor Training and Recognition Program

The Supervisor Training and Recognition Program was officially adopted by the Kansas Association of Conservation Districts (KACD) and the State Conservation Commission (SCC) at their August 2, 2010, Joint Meeting. The program is based on national guidance provided by the National Association of Conservation Districts and the National Association of State Conservation Agencies.

The Division of Conservation (DOC) developed 14 training modules that can be used to teach supervisors and staff the basic operations of Conservation Districts. The Kansas Association of Conservation Districts (KACD) developed two training modules that are posted on their website found at This brings the total to 16 Supervisor Training Modules. The intent of these modules is to have education materials readily available to conduct "in-house" training in district offices. These modules are especially useful when new supervisors are elected or new staff members are hired.

Program Completion Instructions

  1. All Supervisors must complete all 16 training modules.
  2. Supervisors may complete the training modules at monthly board meetings.
  3. Upon completion, the Supervisor is required to complete and sign the Completion Report (Chairperson must also sign the report). The Conservation District must then submit the report to DOC by October 1 for the Supervisor(s) to be recognized at the KACD Annual Meeting in November of the same year.
  4. DOC reports the names of Supervisors that have completed the required training modules to KACD by October 1 of each year.
  5. These Supervisors will be recognized for their achievement at the KACD Annual Meeting and Convention.

Conservation District Supervisors Handbook

"Proud to Serve" - Conservation District Board Members Recruitment Reference Book

"Proud to Serve"
Acknowledgments:  Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, South Dakota, Virginia, and Washington State Conservation partnerships that developed the material included in this publication.

Supervisor Board Tips

Effective supervisors are vital to conservation districts where employees need guidance and supervision.  Supervisors that are skilled in communication, problem solving, and employee motivation posses the skills to be a good leader.

For those conservation district supervisors that are either new or veteran, here are additional resources to hopefully help you along in your experience while serving on the board of supervisors.  

"What Does it Mean to be a Board Member?"
Shana Meyer, LinkedIn, May 3, 2019

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