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GROW IN KANSAS: The Strategic Growth Initiative

A pilot program for the proactive recruitment of food, agriculture and UAS/small aircraft business to Kansas.

To match local Kansas communities and counties with potential growth opportunities, this recruitment program has been developed to enable counties and communities to voluntarily identify the areas of the food, agriculture and unmanned aerial systems (UAS)/small aircraft industry in which they would like to grow. These growth areas are aligned with the state’s existing strategic growth plans for 19 unique food and agriculture sectors across Kansas. These growth plans serve as a guiding resource for strategic growth opportunities across the state.

A public or private entity or collection of entities representing a county/community which is seeking connections to growth opportunities will submit a recruitment package summarizing the desired growth goals of the county/community. By submitting a recruitment package, the submitting entity agrees to work with the state of Kansas to finalize and maintain up-to-date information regarding growth sectors of local interest and the availability of necessary natural resources along with other infrastructure, services, and amenities. The package will also include a summary of the public and private partners which are in support of this effort to identify growth opportunities for the county/community, and all letters of support from these partners.  

The Kansas Department of Agriculture, in close coordination with other state agencies, will maintain an organized system to match potential business growth opportunities with the desired growth goals of the county/community. This will include working hand in hand with local leaders to proactively recruit growth opportunities that match the interests of the entities which have submitted recruitment packages

The Strategic Growth Initiative will allow counties and communities to indicate their desired growth goals in the food, agriculture and UAS/small aircraft industry.

The full guide to the Recruitment Package submission process can be found here: Recruitment Package

Overview of the Grow in Kansas Strategic Growth Initiative: Overview