Due to the state’s response to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Kansas Department of Agriculture will be working on an extremely limited staff beginning March 23. We will continue to operate and provide services with this reduction in staffing, which will likely delay our response time.

The KDA emergency management team is working in the State Emergency Operations Center during the coronavirus event. If you need assistance during this interim period, please direct your questions to the main KDA headquarters office at 785-564-6700. We will respond as soon as possible.

For more information about the State of Kansas response to COVID-19, please consult the KDHE Resource Center.

Emergency Management

The Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Emergency Management Program focuses on preparing the Department and our stakeholders for disasters and emergencies that may affect Kansas.  The Emergency Management Coordinator works with all programs and divisions and a variety of stakeholder organizations to ensure that our employees, supporting organizations and community members have plans in place to respond to and recover from disasters that impact the food and agriculture sector.  Priorities of the Emergency Management Program include: Food and Agriculture Security, Emergency Planning, Training and Exercise activities, Continuity of Operations Planning and protection of Kansas Food and Agriculture Critical Infrastructure.
If you are interested in hosting a training workshop or you are simply looking for more information, please contact Nathan Brown, emergency management coordinator, at or 785-564-7468.