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JUNE 2019: Sudden Oak Death has been detected in rhododendrons sold in Kansas this spring and summer. Read more here.

Selling Plants In Kansas

Poinsettia greenhouse The information that you will need concerning becoming a live plant dealer, inspections and licensing are included below -  click the topic you are interested in to view the information or click expand all to view all of the information.

The purpose of live plant dealer licensing is to ensure that all  live plants sold in Kansas are not infested with dangerous plant diseases, insects, or other damaging plant pests.


Inspection fee:             $30 per hour plus mileage        
            Certification fee:          $20 for domestic shipments
                                             $50 for international shipments

A bill will be sent to you after the inspection.

If you have questions or need additional information, please call us at 785-564-6698.

  • Licensing Requirements

  • Pest Freedom Standards

  • Inspection Requirements: Shipping Plants to Other States

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