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2023 Applications and Licensing
As a reminder, hemp producer licenses expire annually December 31. License applications for the 2024 growing season will become available October 1, 2023. The deadline to apply to the 2023 growing season was March 15, 2023. For more information about commercial industrial hemp producer applications, please visit: Applications for Industrial Hemp License.


As a commercial industrial hemp producer, you must file the applicable reports concerning the activity of your licensure with KDA. Please visit How to file reports for applicable application and reporting deadlines.

Harvest reports are due no more than 15 days after each harvest has occurred.

As a licensed industrial hemp producer, only authorized seed or clone plants of industrial hemp are permitted for use in the Program. The document below provides information relating to how industrial hemp is defined in Kansas, the requirements for its use by individuals licensed pursuant to the Commercial Industrial Hemp Act K.S.A. 2-3901 et seq. and amendments thereto and the Kansas Seed Law K.S.A. 2-1415 et. seq. and amendments thereto by the KDA.

Authorized Seed or Clone Plants of Industrial Hemp Fact Sheet

Notice on Transportation of Industrial Hemp

Licensing Guide and Helpful Business Development Resources for Industrial Hemp Producers 

Controlling Naturalized and Volunteer Cannabis


KDA Portal is designed to help individuals and companies manage the way they do business with KDA. A commercial industrial hemp producer licensee has access to the KDA Portal and may utilize the following license features: 

• License Information
• Report Submissions
• Report Summaries

If you are having trouble accessing your industrial hemp license information online, or have any questions about the KDA Portal, please contact KDA by email at


A list and search of active licenses is available for public reference. Lists are only updated periodically while the license search option provides real-time information.

Hemp Producer Licenses Active (4/24/23)


Access to names and for all active licensees in the Commercial Industrial Hemp Program may be found by accessing the Industrial Hemp Licensee Search. You may search by a licensee’s last name to view all licenses associated with that individual; as they may be associated with multiple licenses. The “License #” as provided in the Industrial Hemp Licensee Search is a unique identifier associated with application submission which was award a license. The actual license number may be referenced as “KDA License #” on the Commercial Industrial Hemp Program License List. 

Please access the portal following the link below: 

The Kansas Department of Agriculture will not provide contact information for the individuals listed without completion of an open records request and a confirmation of a confidentiality agreement. – Information obtained from an open records request shall not be utilized for solicitation purposes. PROHIBITED USES: K.S.A. 45-230 prohibits the use of names and addresses derived from public records for certain commercial purposes. Violation of this law can result in a civil penalty not to exceed $500 for each violation.


Driftwatch logo

DriftWatch Inc. is an online service that provides a place for specialty and sensitive crop producers, including hemp producers, to map their crop locations. Pesticide applicators can use the website to find specialty and sensitive crop locations in an effort to minimize the potential for damaging pesticide drift. Hemp producers may map their fields and register for notifications by signing up at

If you suspect that a pesticide has been misused, including herbicide drift, visit KDA’s Pesticide Complaint Form.

Direct questions to KDA’s Pesticide & Fertilizer team at or call 785-564-6688.

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