Credit Card Skimmers

Skimmers are electronic devices that capture credit or debit card information from card readers when a card is swiped. Criminals have been breaking into gas pump cabinets across the country to install these devices and secretly record credit card information.

Protect Your Business & Your Customers

The best way to protect your business and your customers is to implement a program that deters criminals from installing skimmers, detects skimmers if they have been installed and trains your employees how to respond when they find suspicious devices.

Protect your customers and business by checking for skimmers daily!

Deter and Detect the Installation of Skimmers

  • Chip Technology

  • Deter Before Chip Technology is Installed

  • Know how to recognize skimmers

  • External Skimmers

  • Internal Skimmers

If a Skimmer is Found

  • Avoid touching the device and the dispenser. It is evidence of a crime.
  • Shut down the dispenser immediately. Do not let customers continue to use it.
  • Immediately contact local law enforcement.
  • Leave the device in the dispenser until law enforcement can remove and take custody of it.
  • Save any surveillance video footage from before the device was discovered.