Flood Safety

In our Floodplain Management Program, we work with flood insurance, elevating homes, train surveyors and floodplain managers, and create new flood maps – all geared toward property protection and insurance. However, there is absolutely nothing more important than protecting lives.

All floods are not alike. Some floods develop slowly, over a period of days. Then there’s flash floods or dam breaks that develop quickly, sometimes in minutes, that can sweep away most things in its path.

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Flood safety pictures drawn by Emporia elementary students.

Be aware of flood hazards no matter where you live. This is especially important if you live in a low-lying area, near water or downstream from a dam. Also know the majority of flood-related deaths are caused by people in a hurry to get to safety and attempting to drive through moving water. Find out if roads are closed due to flooding at the Kansas Department of Transportation website.  Stay apprised of severe weather warnings and flash flooding using the National Weather Service Radar Map.

Flooded truck

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