Historic Brands

Kansas began collecting and recording brands in 1939. All brand applications are now stored digitally, and the Brands Program is making the original, historic paper applications available on a first-come-first-serve basis to descendants of the original brand owners. These applications are an important piece of history, not only for Kansas, but also for the family legacies touched by brands.

CLICK HERE for an online library of historic brand books.

Request Historic Brand Documents

To request an historic brand application, please complete these two steps:

1. Fill out the Historic Kansas Brand Application Request Form, found here, with as much information as possible about the brand application, including the original applicant’s name and a drawing of the brand. Email the completed form to KDA.Brands@ks.gov or FAX to (785) 564-6778, or mail to Kansas Department of Agriculture Brands Program, 1320 Research Park Dr, Manhattan KS 66502.

2. Enter a brief description of your request on the KDA Open Records Request page, found here. The actual form is at the bottom of the page. This helps speed the process of finding and delivering your brand.