Kansas High Water Sign Initiative

This website will host photos of historical flooding in the communities that were approved for a highwater mark sign. Find a community on this list and open the link to see more information or photos of flooding for that specific community. We hope you’ll have an opportunity to view one of these signs in your area. 

Arkansas City

Arkansas City Chestnut Park

Arkansas City Walnut park NEW

1998 Flooding Walnut Park
1998, Walnut Park Flooding, Arkansas City, KS

1998 Flooding Chestnut Park

1998, Chestnut Park Flooding, Arkansas City, KS

Ark City Chestnut Sign pic
Chestnut Park Sign, Arkansas City, KS

Ark City Walnut Sign pic
Walnut Park Sign, Arkansas City, KS

Kansas Department of Agriculture/Division of Water Resources and the US Army Corps of Engineers Silver Jackets in working with Kansas State Historical Society, Kansas Division of Emergency Management and local communities worked together on a special project to install signs in communities across Kansas. These signs share information about historical flooding and highwater marks. Signs are in public places such as city parks.

These signs serve several purposes. They are reminders that floods can and do happen. The depth of water indicated on some of these signs will help people to better understand their risks. There are signs in areas behind levees. Levees may reduce flood risk but do not eliminate it. Driving in to water is the main cause of flood related deaths in Kansas. Each sign has a flood safety message about not driving in to water.