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Industrial Hemp Statutes
Industrial Hemp Regulations

Regulations K.A.R. 4-34-1 and K.A.R. 4-34-22 through 4-34-30 only apply to the commercial production of industrial hemp pursuant to K.S.A. 2-3901 et seq., and amendments thereto, and, unless otherwise stated, do not apply to research conducted as part of the pilot program pursuant to K.S.A. 2-3902, and amendments thereto, and regulated by K.A.R. 4-34-2 through 4-34-21.

Commercial Industrial Hemp Producer License

The application deadline for the 2024 growing season is March 15, 2024. Applications for the 2024 growing season became available September 2023.

Persons seeking to cultivate or produce industrial hemp must be licensed by the Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) as a commercial industrial hemp producer pursuant to K.S.A. 02-3901 et seq. 

Persons seeking to process industrial hemp must register with the State Fire Marshal pursuant to K.S.A. 02-3901 et seq.

For more information about the industrial hemp processor registry applications, please visit the State Fire Marshal’s website:

Industrial Hemp Applications

Table 1. Applications and Request Forms for the Commercial Industrial Hemp Program



Due to KDA


License Application

Each individual seeking a license to cultivate or produce industrial hemp

March 15 each year

No later than March 15 for each growing season

Request for Permission (General)

The commercial hemp producer applicant or licensee

At the time of an application submission or request for modification of license

Utilize when requesting planting restriction exemption

State Educational Institution Request

The State educational institute application

At the time of an application submission

Checklist 2024 - Industrial Hemp Producer License Application

All Kansas Commercial industrial hemp producer license applications must include a legible map. Failure to include the required information may result in the application being returned or denied. An example of an acceptable map is located with the Commercial Industrial Hemp Producer License Application. See the documents below for a map tutorial.

Step by Step Map Tutorial

Step by Step Tutorial How to Measure a Field

How to Submit Your Application

  • Submit together in one mailing:

  • Send to:

  • State and National Criminal History Background Check

  • Guidelines for Filling Out License Applications

  • Important Deadlines

  • Application Review Process

Program Fees

  • Summary of Fees

  • Application Fees

  • Criminal History Record Check Fees

  • License Fees

  • Testing Fees

  • Subsequent Sampling Fees

  • Modification Fees

  • Payment Options

Producing Hemp on Tribal Land

Individuals cultivating or producing industrial hemp on land within Kansas must be licensed through KDA’s Commercial Industrial Hemp Program as hemp producers. However, if hemp cultivation or production occurs on land belonging to the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation or the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska, producers must be licensed by the respective tribal nation’s regulatory authority.

To produce hemp on land within tribal nations, please consult and work with each tribal nation in consideration of their laws and regulations. If you are located in a tribal nation not listed above, such production may be regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Marketing Service (USDA AMS). For more information, visit the USDA AMS’s website for the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program.