USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is responsible for developing the labeling policy for which meat and poultry products are determined to be misbranded or adulterated. By authority of K.S.A. 65-6a24, packaged meat and poultry products prepared for intrastate commerce shall be placed or packed in any receptacle or covering, the facility shall cause a label to be attached to said can, pot, tin, canvas or other receptacle or covering. The Kansas Department of Agriculture Meat and Poultry Inspection Program approves meat and poultry labels for Kansas inspected facilities based upon the applicable FSIS standards by submitting the label application to the plant inspector in charge. Meat products not amenable to the Kansas Meat and Poultry Act must still comply with the applicable labeling rules. All retail labels must be field approved by the area supervisor. All final labels with the KDA approval stamp must be received by the facility before labeling inspected and passed product with the new label.  

K.S.A. 65-6a18 defines the food “label” as “a display of written, printed or graphic matter upon the immediate container (not including package liners) of any article” and defines ”labeling” as “all labels and other written, printed or graphic matter (1) upon any article or any of its container or wrappers or (2) accompanying such article.”

The steps to initiate label approval include:

  1. Begin label design, including the mandatory labeling features.  (Label Submission Form)
  2. Ensure placement and prominence requirements for each mandatory feature of the label.
  3. All meat products subject to a standard of identity must comply with the applicable regulations.
  4. Submit product formulation, method of preparation, HACCP category and any special claims on label form for inspector verification of ingredients and restricted ingredient calculations.
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