UPDATE: Commercial Industrial Hemp Regulations

The U.S. Department of Agriculture provided insight into the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program through a draft of the interim final rule (IFR) for the 2018 Farm Bill. The Kansas Department of Agriculture proposed Kansas Administrative Rules and Regulations to regulate a Commercial Industrial Hemp Program. and submitted a plan to USDA-AMS for inclusion into the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program in January 2020. KDA received program approval from the USDA on April 16, 2020, but will continue to operate under the Industrial Hemp Research Program until the formal approval and adoption of the state's regulations occur and the Commercial Industrial Hemp Program is established.

The availability of 2021 industrial hemp producer (grower) applications is dependent on the approval, adoption, and implementation of proposed regulations for the Kansas Commercial Industrial Hemp Program. Given the timeline of the formal adoption process of these regulations, it is anticipated applications for industrial hemp producer (grower) licenses will not be available until fall 2020.

For information about the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program please visit: 
USDA Rules & Regulations

For information about the upcoming Kansas Commercial Hemp Program please visit: 
Kansas Commercial Hemp Program

Industrial Hemp Research Program

REMINDER – As a licensed industrial hemp grower or state educational institution, you must file the applicable reports concerning the activity of your licensure with KDA. At least 30 days before each intended harvest date of industrial hemp, each primary licensee shall provide such notification to KDA through a pre-harvest report submission (K.A.R. 4-34-17). Please view the information below as it provides access and instructions for filing industrial hemp pre-harvest reports.

Filing Industrial Hemp Pre-Harvest Reports with KDA

Pre-Harvest Report

Commonly Asked Questions when submitting Industrial hemp Pre-Harvest Reports to KDA’s Industrial Hemp Program

Who is responsible for completing and submitting a Pre-Harvest Report to KDA?

Each primary licensee of a research grower or state educational institution license is required to submit a Pre-Harvest Report to KDA no less than 30 days before each intended date of harvest of industrial hemp. If industrial hemp is not being grown or not intended to be harvested, no such pre-harvest reporting activity is required.

What information should I expect to provide on a Pre-Harvest Report to KDA?

  1. The name and GPS coordinates of each research area intended for harvest.
  2. The planting date for each research area intended for harvest.
  3. The number of acres intended for harvest in each research area.
  4. The intended harvest date for each research area.
  5. The official name of the industrial hemp variety intended for harvest in each research area.
  6. A statement of intended end-use for all industrial hemp plants, plant parts, grain, or seeds intended for harvest in each research area.
  7. Relevant planting maps and industrial hemp variety documentation.

When are Pre-Harvest Reports due to KDA?

No less than 30 days before each intended harvest of industrial hemp. Reports may be submitted by mail, email or through https://portal.kda.ks.gov/.

2020 Documents and Report Forms

Report Forms (last updated 2-14-2020)
Report Forms  Ways to Submit
Hard Copy 

KDA Portal
Summary of Reports  N/A N/A
Planting Report End-Use Production  Yes No 
Planting Report Clone and Seedling Production  Yes  No 
Replanting Report End-Use Production  Yes  No 
Voluntary Partial Destruction Report  Yes No 
Voluntary Withdrawal Report  Yes No 
Pre-Harvest Report  Yes Yes 
Harvest Report  Yes Yes 
Production Report (Grower)  Yes Yes 
Distribution Report (Distributor)  Yes Yes 
Processing Report (Processor)  Yes  Yes 
Research Report    Yes Yes 

How to Submit Report Forms to KDA:

By email:
Please name the file: KDA license number: Licensee’s Name - Grower, Report Type, date submitted (ex. KDA-XXXXXXXXXX: First Name Last Name- Grower Report Type DD.MM.YYYY)
Acceptable file types: .pdf, .jpeg; .png

By mail:
Kansas Department of Agriculture
Industrial Hemp Program
1320 Research Park Dr.
Manhattan, KS 66502
Acceptable file types: 9 x 11 in. paper copy

Your Industrial Hemp License Information online:

Reports submitted by email or through https://portal.kda.ks.gov/ will have a much quicker response receipt.

If you are having trouble accessing the industrial hemp report forms, your industrial hemp license information online, or have any questions, please contact KDA by email at kda.industrialhemp@ks.gov.