Vested Right Haskell 03

On or about June 7, 2016, Garetson Brothers filed a Request to Secure Water pursuant to K.A.R. 5-4-1(d). The request by Garetson Brothers extends their action in District Court, to protect their Vested Right, File No. HS 003 from impairment caused by junior water right diverters (Water Right, Files No. 10,035, 11,750, and 19,032) beginning September 1, 2016. As you might be aware, KDA-DWR has previously investigated the potential impairment on Vested Right, File No. HS 003 by neighboring junior water right wells per a request of the District Court, including those subject of the Garetson Brothers’ request to secure water.

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Support Files Table

 Description    Document File    File Size    Date Posted    Provided by  
Initial Report of the Chief Engineer  Initial Report 11.8 MB  11/10/2016 DWR
Report of the Fact Finder Pertaining to Case No. 12-CV-9, District Court of Haskell County Fact Finder Report 11.9 MB  10/30/2016 DWR
Letter to GMD No. 3 and attachments GMD No. 3 Mailing 6.3 MB  11/10/2016  DWR