Kansas Department of Agriculture News Releases

Kansas–Oklahoma Arkansas River Commission Online Meeting August 4

The 56th annual meeting of the Kansas–Oklahoma Arkansas River Commission will be held using internet meeting services on Tuesday, August 4, at 9:00 a.m. Anyone interested in water-related activities within the Arkansas River Basin in Kansas and Oklahoma is encouraged to participate in the meeting.

How to participate: If you wish to interact with the Commission during the meeting, you can join the online meeting via a link provided at www.agriculture.ks.gov/KOARC. The meeting will also be livestreamed and will remain available online for later viewing. Participants who do not plan to interact with the Commission are encouraged to watch the livestream.

Kansas and Oklahoma entered the Arkansas River Compact in 1965. The purpose of the compact is to promote interstate comity, to equitably divide and promote the orderly development of the waters of the Lower Arkansas River Basin, to provide an agency for administering the waters of the basin, and to encourage an active pollution abatement program in each state. The Commission is composed of three commissioners appointed by the governor of Kansas, three commissioners appointed by the governor of Oklahoma, and two commissioners appointed by the President of the United States.

Additional information about the Kansas–Oklahoma Arkansas River Compact and the annual meeting can be found on the KDA website at www.agriculture.ks.gov/KOARC. Questions can be addressed to Lizzie Hickman at the Kansas Department of Agriculture–Division of Water Resources, at Elizabeth.Hickman@ks.gov or 785-564-6679.