Emergency Preparedness

The Plant Protection and Weed Control Program is the state government agency responsible for protecting Kansas plant resources from agroterrorism.

Four of the eight select agents identified by USDA as potential bioterrorism threats have the potential to impact Kansas agriculture. They are:

  • Java downy mildew, caused by Sclerophthora rayssiae var. zeae
  • Philippine downy mildew, caused by Peronosclerospora philippinesis
  • bacterial wilt, caused by Ralstonia solanacearum, race 3, biovar 2
  • potato wart, caused by Synchytrium endobioticum

Staff are alert to these select agents as they perform plant pest surveillance activities.

In cooperation with USDA, program staff participated in an emergency response effort to the introduction of bacterial wilt in Kansas in 2004. Infected plants had been received in the state and staff worked to successfully eradicate the infestations.

Program staff participate in emergency response exercises and training on a regular basis.   

Kansas Department of Agriculture's Emergency Response Plans

Emergency Exercises

  2009 Exercise at incident command post        2009 Emergency Exercise at Elevator

2007 -
  • Several incident drills and outreach training with Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant
2008 -
  • Weed, disease and pest exercises with the homeland security trailer, 3 separate scenarios
2009 -
  • Table top exercise for preparation for full scale exercise
  • Full scale plant health emergency exercise - 3 day exercise
  • Table top exercise in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Partnering for Success During a Plant Health Response - 2 day exercise
  • Incident Management Team Certification
2010 -
  • Table top exercise - preparation for functional emergency exercise
  • Functional emergency exercise in conjunction with Oklahoma's full scale exercise
2012 -
  • Incident Command System Management - 3 day course
2013 -
  • Foot and Mouth Disease Exercise - 2 day exercise
2014 -
  • Incident Management Team Exercise
  • FEMA Tabletop Exercise

2015 -

  • Incident Command System team for Avian Flu incident
  • Functional emergency exercise for permit management
2016 -
  • Animal Disease Response training
2017 -
  • Animal Disease Response training - Full Scale exercise
  • Table top - plant disease and select agent exercise

National Response Plans