Certified Water Flowmeters

Accurate measurements of water use are important for determining compliance with water rights, and when necessary, administering water rights.  It also provides data required by interstate compacts and used to manage the state’s water resources. Currently over half of all water right diversions in Kansas are metered, and DWR continues to work toward the goal of having all non-exempt diversions metered. Water flowmeters must be certified for conformity with state specifications and must meet other criteria for spacing, installation in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications, full pipe flow and totalizer capacity.

Forms and General Information

Flowmeters on the Certified Water Flowmeter List have been certified by their manufacturers to comply with Kansas’ specifications for water flowmeters in K.A.R. 5-1-4. These flowmeters are acceptable to use when the chief engineer requires a water flowmeter pursuant to K.A.R. 5-1-7. In addition, if the chief engineer requires a water flowmeter, the flowmeter must be installed as specified in K.A.R. 5-1-6 and be maintained as specified in K.A.R. 5-1-8 and 5-1-9. The rules and regulations are available for download.

Certification for a water flowmeter model does not constitute endorsement by the chief engineer, the Division of Water Resources, nor the Kansas Department of Agriculture.