Quivira National Wildlife Refuge Impairment Plan

Plan to Address Impairment at Quivira National Wildlife Refuge

In 2019, KDA developed a plan to regulate junior water rights in response to impairment of the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge's (Quivira NWR) senior water right. This action was in response to the impairment complaint and subsequent request to secure water by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) on behalf of Quivira NWR. 

On 10/18/2019, KDA was informed that the US Department of the Interior, which oversees the Service, was interested in working with the local leadership of the Rattlesnake Creek region to renew efforts to find a locally-driven solution to the impairment at Quivira NWR operated by the Service, before requesting that DWR protect their water right. 

On 10/21/2019, two public meetings were held in St. John related to the proposed administrative orders of the Chief Engineer (which were NOT implemented). Below are links to the slides presented at those meetings. 

On the morning of 10/25/2019, DWR received the following official position of the Service related to the Quivira impairment: "The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will not make a request for water to the State of Kansas for Quivira National Wildlife Refuge in Fiscal Year 2020. Throughout the year, the Service will continue to work to find local, voluntary, collaborative and non-regulatory solutions, including augmentation, to address the water needs of the community and the wildlife conservation purposes of the refuge before determining if more formal measures are necessary to ensure the refuge's water rights are secured. We look forward to working with the Kansas Department of Agriculture, the Kansas congressional delegation, and all water users to develop concrete milestones and lasting solutions."  
Status and Background of the Quivira Impairment as of Aug 2019

Planned Administration 2020-2022

*Note that this plan was NOT implemented. 


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Presentation from Public Meeting in St. John (10/21/2019) Presentation Slides 2 MB
10/2019 KDA
Notice of Public Meeting Notice of Public Meeting     KDA
Sample Letter - Notice of Planned Administration
Sample Notice Letter
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DWR Video on Allocation Advisory Info (YouTube)
Allocation Advisory Info (Video)
DWR Video on Moving Allocations in a Proposed Rattlesnake Creek WCA (YouTube)
Moving Allocations in a WCA (Video)
Impairment Administration Zones Map Impairment Administration Zones Map 807 KB  09/24/2019 KDA