Pawnee Valley IGUCA

Pawnee Valley IGUCA locationIn response to declining groundwater levels and at the request of Big Bend GMD #5 the chief engineer initiated IGUCA proceedings on June 20, 1980. A public hearing was held on November 25, 1980. The IGUCA order was issued on July 8, 1981 and amended on September 13, 1985.

Pursuant to K.A.R. 5-20-2, each of the eight IGUCA orders in place before July 1, 2008 must be reviewed in a process that includes a public hearing conducted by the chief engineer. While a brief summary of the Pawnee Valley IGUCA has been provided below, the IGUCA order is also available and should be referred to for detailed conclusions and provisions.


June 20, 1980: IGUCA proceedings initiated by the Board of Directors of GMD No. 5

  • Slow decline of water levels since 1943
  • A maximum withdrawal study was being conducted

November 25, 1980: Public Hearing

July 8, 1981: IGUCA Order issued

  • The groundwater levels in the area in question had declined
  • Rate of withdrawal of groundwater exceeded the rate of recharge
  • Set safe yield criteria of 1,500 acre-feet in one mile radius circle on applications filed after June 19, 1978
  • Directed the Board of Directors of the Big Bend GMD No. 5 to annually review all water related information in the IGUCA and allowed them to request a hearing if amendments to the IGUCA were necessary
  • Chief Engineer can amend the IGUCA if deemed in the public interest

February 14, 1985: Amendment requested by Big Bend GMD No. 5 to change the safe yield criteria to 750 acre-feet

August 15, 1985: Public Hearing

September 13, 1985 : Amendment issued

  • Groundwater levels in the area in question had continued to decline
  • Rate of withdrawal of groundwater exceeded the rate of recharge
  • Public interest required that further limitations were needed
  • Imposed a safe-yield amount of 750 acre-feet per calendar year

June 16, 2006: Proceedings to expand the IGUCA initiated

June 18, 2007: Order Following Phase I issued

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