Big Blue River Compact


2022 BBRC Annual Meeting
The Kansas-Nebraska Big Blue River Compact (BBRC) Administration held its 2022 Annual Meeting on Wednesday, May 18th, 2022 at the Homestead National Historical Park in Beatrice, NE. The meeting was open to the public. Anyone interested in water-related activities within the Big Blue and Little Blue River basins is encouraged to review the meeting reports provided in the 2022 BBRC Annual Meeting Reports table below, as well as the Compact details and past Annual Reports provided at the bottom of the page.

2022 Annual Meeting Announcement & Draft Agenda

2022 BBRC Annual Meeting Reports


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KS Commissioner's Report     
Topeka Field Office Report  
1 MB  5/12/2022  KDA-DWR
NE Commissioner's Report     
Lincoln Field Office Report     
Lower Big Blue NRD Report
Project Areas
1 MB
2 MB
5/18/2022  LBBNRD
Little Blue NRD Report  2 MB  5/18/2022  LBNRD
Upper Big Blue NRD Report  6 MB  5/18/2022  UBBNRD
Treasurer's Report and Budget (FY23)  
USGS Report (WY 2021)  
713 KB  5/17/2022  USGS 
Engineering Committee Report 
2 MB  5/18/2022  NeDNR
Water Quality Committee Report