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Kansas Floodplain Management Newsletters

April 2024 Flood Insurance Focus Group, Flood Safety Awareness Week, FEMA Hazard Mitigation Workshop
Feb 2024 New Floodplain Development Permit Template, Floodplain Mapping Open House, NFIP Community Resource Page
Dec 2023 KEMA Conference 2023, Floodplain Office Hours, New Elevation Certificate
Oct 2023 KAFM Conference 2023, New CRS Communities, Staff Changes
Aug 2023 Technical Bulletin 10 Update, Swimmings Pools, Buried Lines
Jun 2023 Agriculture Structures Floodplain Permitting Changes, Residential Safe Rooms in the Floodplains, 2023 ASFPM Conference
Apr 2023 Flood Safety Awareness Week, KDA-DWR Interagency Work, Post Flood Responsibility
Feb 2023 Manufacture Homes, Substantial Improvement and Substantial Damage, Training
Dec 2022 Insurance Myths, CRS Experiences, Training Opportunities
Oct 2022 KAFM Conference, Staff Changes, Storage Containers
Aug 2022 ASFPM Conference, Staff Changes, Endangered Species
Jun 2022 KACE Conference, KACPZO Conference, Floodplain Variances 
Apr 2022 CRS Overview, Updating Ordinances, Letters of Map Change
Feb 2022 Storage and Anchoring in the Floodplain, CFM Exam, CAV Visits
Dec 2021 Transmission Lines in the Floodplain, Historic Building Flood Adaptation
Oct 2021 Safety Rooms in a Floodplain, KAFM 2021 Conference Recap
Aug 2021 Farm Tiles Impact on Flooding, KAFM Conference, Risk Rating 2.0 Kansas Data
Jun 2021 Technical Bulletin 6 Update, Tuttle Creek Reservoir in 2019, Logjams in Kansas
Apr 2021 Technical Bulletin 3 Update, Tips for Filing a Claim, KDA-DWR Staff Updates
Feb 2021 Working Around Mold, Floodplain Violation Shown on TV Show
Dec 2020 CRS Success in Independence, Endangered Species Act
Oct 2020 Long Term Mitigation, FEMA Mitigation Grants
Aug 2020 Basements and LOMR-F's, Swimming in Flood Water
Jun 2020 Proof of Loss, Flood Is Coming tips, Rossville Buildings: examples for flood protection
Apr 2020 Violation Letters Tips, Flood Mapping Program Overview
Feb 2020 Managing Accessory Structures, Kansas Weather, Plats in the Floodplain 
Dec 2019 No-Rise Certification, Inundation Estimation, John Redmond Lake
Oct 2019 KAFM Conference, Mitigation in Action, Sanitation Facilities in the Floodplain
Aug 2019 Kansas Department of Commerce Disaster Recovery Programs, Mind the (Insurance) Gap, Basement Flooding
Jun 2019 Don't Fence Me In, ASFPM in Cleveland, Emergency Supplies, New Floodplain Faces
Apr 2019  Manufactured Homes, Flood Watch vs. Warning, Erie Levee Emergency Response
Feb 2019  Going to Court, Allen County Success Story
Dec 2018  Avoiding Floodplain 'Grief", WOTUS Woes, Constructive Learning, CRS New Year's Resolution
Oct 2018  KAFM Conference, Roof Repairs, Staff Changes
Aug 2018  Buried Lines, Walkout Basement, Bailey Resigns, History Signs
Jun 2018  New Map Data, NFIP Coordinator Leaves, Pole Position
Apr 2018  Window Well Issues, Elevation Pays, Community Rating System
Feb 2018  Flood Insurance Myths, Private Insurance, Insurance Lien
Dec 2017  Recreational Vehicles, Kansas Flood People 
Oct 2017  KAFM, Tiny Houses, Stay out of the Water
Aug 2017  Elevating Utilities, Letters of Map Revision on Fill, Community Rating System Task Force
Jun 2017  ASFPM Conference, Conference Photos, Insurance Savings
Apr 2017  Electrical Shock, ASFPM Conference, Permits and More Permits
Feb 2017  Floodplain Websites, Working Around Mold, Dealing with Violations
Dec 2016  Insurance Claims, Variances
Oct 2016  KAFM Conference, Elevation or Floodproofing, Permit Process
Aug 2016  ASFPM Conference, Be Prepared for Disaster, Written Procedures
Jun 2016  Floodplain Leaders Course, Building Code Ratings, Accessory Buildings
Apr 2016  Increased Cost of Compliance, Elevation in Progress, Revised EC and LOMA forms
Feb 2016  Safe Rooms, Using Flood Insurance Study Reports
Dec 2015  Real Estate in the Floodplain, Understanding Stream Gages
Oct 2015  KAFM Conference, Flood Elevations, KSLS Credit for CFM, Flood Videos
Aug 2015  ASFPM Conference, Openings Guide, KS Train, DWR Websites
Jun 2015  Flood Disaster, Premium Increases, Build Partnerships
Apr 2015  Hiring a Surveyor, Littering Floodplain, EMI Class, Insurance Advocate
Feb 2015  Elevation and Mitigation, Sanitation Systems, National Inventory Dams
Dec 2014  MSC Website, Lane County Mitigation Story, Floodway Analysis Guidance
Oct 2014   KAFM Conference, Insurance Refunds, Cost Savings Ideas
July 2014  Lowest Floor, National Conference, Flood Smart
Apr 2014  NFIP Legislation, Elevation Certificates, FEMA Forms
Feb 2014  Likelihood of Flooding, NOAA Atlas 14, Vol. 8, Substantial Improvement
Dec 2013  Biggert Waters, DWR Floodway Requirements
Oct 2013  KAFM, Flood Safety, NFHL, High Water Marks
Aug 2013  HB 2363, Flood Insurance Rates, Mutual Aid, Elevation Certificates
Jun 2013  Arkansas River Historic Flood, Google Maps, USACE Provided Base Flood Elevations
Apr 2013  Grant Applications, On Line LOMC, Watershed Group Success, Flood Awareness
Feb 2013  Mitigation Plans, Insurance and Drought, Disaster Supply Kits, Elevation Certificates
Dec 2012  StormReady Program, Aggregate Stockpiles, CRS Changes, Mitigated Open Space
Oct 2012  KAFM Conference, Unpermitted Development, Floodplain Functions
Jun 2012  One Percent Annual Chance, Extraterritorial Jurisdiction, FIRMette Tutorial
Apr 2012  Window Wells, CAVs, Field Deployed CRS, Elevation Certificates
Feb 2012  State Permits, Increased Cost of Compliance, SDE Upgrade, Fuel Tanks, CRS Group
Dec 2011  Timing Defines Fill, Storm Damage Training, LOMA Using EC, Short Stories
Oct 2011  KAFM, Minor Development, Reasonably Safe From Floods
Jun 2011  ASFPM Conference, Endangered Species Act, No Rise Certification
Apr 2011  Emergency Management Institute, Accurate BFEs, Turn Around Don’t Drown
Feb 2011  Misconceptions, Four Kansas Communities, Scientific Resolution Panel, Technical Bulletins

Events & Training Opportunities

Independent Study Courses:

Floodplain Management Training - Independent Study Instructions
Floodplain Elevation Certificate Section A - Floodplain EC Section A

Assorted Publications

Floodplain Management Administrative Procedures Template

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Additional Links & Resources

View a flood map on line FEMA Map Service Center

Find out if your community participates in the National Flood Insurance Program - Community Status Book

Find an agent and learn about flood risk - FloodSmart.gov

Find Information on Letters of Map Change (LOMC).

Find out what to do before, during, and after a flood - Ready.gov

Kansas Association of Floodplain Management  For professionals interested in promoting proper floodplain management in the State of Kansas.

View documents about post-flood stress and flood clean-up - K-State Research and Extension

For post disaster assessments, please refer to the Post Damage Assessment Packet

Click on the interactive map to see real-time stream gauge data - NOAA/NWS Gauges

Bulletins on topics such as floodproof materials, crawl spaces, fill, and flood openings - NFIP Technical Bulletins

Find a land surveyor in your area - Kansas Society of Land Surveyors

To see reviews of agencies selling flood insurance, visit Consumer Affairs.

Find information about protecting property from flood damage and preparing for disasters - Tips for Reducing Flood Risk

A collaboration of federal, state, and local agencies aimed at reducing risks from floods and other natural disasters - USACE Silver Jackets website

Find data for reservoirs maintained by the US Army Corps of Engineers - Find lake levels for reservoirs

Find information and application forms for DWR floodplain fill permits - DWR Floodplain Fill Permitting
List of Flood Zone Determination Companies is available online