Floodplain Mapping Projects

FEMA has available several services for different phases of a mapping project. Preliminary, Pending and Effective products can be downloaded on from the Map Service Center. FEMA also maintains several map viewers:

National Flood Hazard Layer - displays the effective digital data
> Flood Map Changes Viewer  - includes the Preliminary and Pending digital map data, with a Changes Since Last FIRM layer that compares the Preliminary/Pending data with the effective data

KDA maintains project-specific map viewers for active projects that are based on the same digital data. The web links are included on the project pages below. 

Blue Custom Watershed

The Blue Custom Watershed Floodplain Mapping update project produced Base Level Engineering (BLE) floodplains for the entire custom watershed. Enhanced data development is anticipated to begin in 2022 for the areas that will undergo a regulatory update. We anticipate regulatory updates for Pottawatomie and Republic Counties, but Discovery meetings will be held to discuss where regulatory updates are needed. This website will be updated with relevant content as the project moves forward. The Kickoff Meeting was held virtually on November 12, 2020 and the Discovery Meeting was held February 2, 2021.  The presentation slides are located below.

Blue Custom Watershed Discovery Meeting Presentation 2-2-2021

Blue Custom Watershed Kickoff Meeting Presentation 11-12-2020

Blue Custom Watershed

Pottawatomie County

Pottawatomie Scoping Map

Unsure which watershed you are in?  Use the following link to find out.
Kansas HUC 8 Watershed Map

Or reference the map below for Custom Watershed project areas.

Project Reference Map

Use this page to find relevant information on floodplain mapping projects.  Click on the map below to view current or proposed floodplain mapping projects.  Use the Kansas Floodplain Map Viewer for current effective floodplains.