HOW TO: Dairy Hauler Video

Under the "Dairy Subprogram Areas" section on the "Dairy Industry" page click "Milk Haulers/Milk Samplers/ Milk Transporters"
On the resulting subpage, click "Milk Hauler Training Video Modules"
On the resulting page, if you have an Animal Care Training account, login. Otherwise, click register.
a screen shot of the KDA login page
If you are registering, it will take you to a page with options to register as a manager or individual. Please register as an individual
A screen shot of the ACT individual
Once you have successfully logged in/registered, Click "Purchase my Training"
A screen shot highlighting the pmt
On the resulting page, click the drop down box and select "Milk Hauler and Sampler Video Training"
Milk Hauler Drop down box
Click whichever video you are currently trying to complete
On the resulting page, click "Continue / Apply Coupon"
Continue/Apply Coupon
On the resulting page, the page should explain that there is no payment required and
your total should be $0.00
Click "Next"
Enter an email address, preferrably the email that you use for your BCI account
BCI Payment Page
Click "Submit Payment"
You will return back to the main page of the Animal Care Training. On the left side menu, click "My Progress"
On the resulting page, all the videos you have access to will appear here. You can click "My Progress" thoughout your training to gain access to your purchased videos
My Progress Page
Upon completing a video, take the quiz and be sure to print the results in order for our network to receive your scores